Wanderer 3
Series Name Wanderer
Tags Wild Girl
Wanderer 2 - Wanderer 4

Transcript Edit

O great provider, I bring you a gift. To the north they forget the old ways. From the husks they appeared and entered your domain. They brought the hot, the red. With unknown tools they attacked your children, and for what? What could they want with your children? They severed them from the earth and dragged them into piles.


I could not stand by. I am your servant, I am your protector. I brought them back to you, one by one. The noises they made brought peace to your lost offspring. I give their lifeblood to you O great provider. Their bodies give you life and make the most serene noises as you devour them. May it sustain you, for you sustain me and all those around. The beasts, the birds, the spirits of remembrance, you provide and I protect.