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I'm sorry about before. It was a rough day, for Elden even more than for me. He was hoping to be finished and heading home by now.

There was a place in Bellevue called the Reach Enclave, where researchers studied all manner of things for the government. One of those things was Beacon technology. They tried to come up with a cure, or at least a treatment, for Beacon addiction for decades, but never made any real progress. What they did manage to create, in the waning days of the Fall, was a serum that would act like a Beacon for one individual. Or so they say. No one knows for sure if it's true, or if there's any way to track it down if it is. That's why it took so long to send someone to look for it.

That's why we are here.

It's a fail safe, really. It is widely assumed that those responsible for the Fall are long dead, else they would have destroyed our city by now. But no one can be sure, not really. Pro-deathers are an ever-present threat to city-dwellers and we were the only ones they could send. They needed a backup.

We were looking for the research of a particular group of scientists, the ones at the core of the project. There were five of them, records show. When we got to the Enclave and searched what was left of the records, we found little of any use. Just the journals of one of the chemists, Dr. Leif Bonheim.


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Elden was disappointed, to say the least, and he decided to take it out on me. Blamed me for our coming here at all, told me I was a silly child, a naive idealist. Maybe he's right, but it wasn't just my idea to come. He's always felt an obligation toward people. He wanted to come as much as I did, if not for the same reason.

But it wasn't all a waste. That's why we are still here. The journals do say where the chemist went, and there are indications that he wasn't alone when he left. Evidently, they barely had time to manufacture the prototypes before they had to evacuate the Enclave, and they took their research with them. So now we keep going. To a place called Port Angeles.

I won't be disappointed to see Bellevue go.