Trapper 2
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Journal belonging to the Trapper Marceau

Today is reckoned to be the 6th day of the 9th month of year 2215.

Rocks over the stoneway, make it impossible. Paths through the woods around Keechelus blocked as well, scrawled with warming signs in some language I don't know. But the pictures told me what I needed to know: wild animals. Some wild parts got reclaimed quick by them. Not safe for anyone, especially when I'm conserving ammo. Gotta turn south, maybe try my luck by way to Rattlesnake and Morse. Maybe even further south, down by Green River. Just gotta get east of the Cascades before winter sits in truly. Lots of space here to think and dream while I walk, but they get too heavy now. Tinged with worry. Sights around of the old misfortune, land scarred and weak some places. Remember'n my grandad used to talk about it. Sometimes in the dreams I see my family caught up in some bloodshed, like the kind bandits used to bring around. But things back home are peaceful. Empty places just have a habit of holding t' too much though. Midway through the day I startled a deer, so taken by my dreaming. Looks like hunger for the night, maybe a little luck will come by tommorow. Seen fires as well, in the hills around me, been avoiding them, sleeping hidden every night. Wish I could travel like a ghost.


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