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Time Capsule: A Condemnation of Reach

A Letter to my Younger Self

If we ever invent time travel this will be the first thing that goes back. Dear me: the future, that one you grew up so in love with, it never happens. Life is so much more real than sci-fi ever could be. Nearly a hundred years on and where's my flying cars? Where's my teleportation? Where's my colonization of Alpha Centauri and the moon and the whole damn solar system? We hear about all these breakthroughs happening "every single day" over at Reach but it hasn't seemed to catch on here yet. Well, I guess we've got a couple: mag-lev trains (just a few decades behind Japan, of course), quantum computing (did anyone even understand "basic" computing?), some pretty great genetic modification. But' I;m talking the good old future, one where everything floats and is made of chrome. One where gravity is a play thing and everyone is inches tall. Maybe we lack geniuses, may be we lack the necessary drive. But damn my own self for trusting in Reach; for letting the government take my money and throw it away into blackened labs where heightened brains play God. What are they doing for any of us? Nothing, it seems, has changed. I guess that's all I have to say, but hey, younger me, don't get your hopes up. You'll live forever in the city of the future, but you will languish here, you will feel something so beyond ennui that it still has no name.