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Our weekly column on science, Sennin, and magic

This week we've got the latest tech that's blurring the line. Xian Alchemy the recent fashion startup broke out into the tech industry with their latest invention: embeddable LEDs that buyers say are injected under the skin around the upper arms, shoulders, and across the back. Currently, the company has created four colors (white, blue, purple, and gold) and each color comes in three different packages. The Idol package is minimal brightness, barely visible during the day and needs to be replaced every five years. The Glamor package is visible during the day, and gauranteed to make you a hit at any party and comes with a free replacement after eight years. Finally, the Transcend package lets you look like a real Sennin, bright light during the day and comes with a phone app to turn it up or down; replacements are free for life and every LED is backed by the company personally.

But the real question is, how does it work? We turned to a few of our readers who bought in at the initial funding stage.

"When I went to the club, everyone stopped and stared at me. I got free drinks for the whole night and a couple people even approached me to ask what I could do. They thought I was a Sennin!" - Mason Anselm

"I love the subtlety of the lights. Sometimes I turn heads during the day, and when I'm on set people think I'm the star." - Anahi Estrellas

"It makes me feel more beautiful, it is so nice to be literally radiant. Now I know how models feel." Sansa Westin

Cost: $4,800 // $7,750 // $25,200