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May 14th 2142

We got the message morning of. Some one inside must've felt guilty at the end. About a dozen of us got up to the docks together. We were nearly there when it happened. We drove by people already rioting, some already boarding windows and barring doors. Shit already going as if they knew, like dogs. When it happened, everything got worse. An electric crackle in the air and a rolling thunderclap. Then suddenly a green wall of light overtook us and everything took on edges. My lungs, eyes, it all burned. I passed out climbing into the boat.

Woke up at night, coming into Bellingham. Four people had gotten sick on the way over. Captain talked about vomiting and blood. Said he threw the bodies over. Didn't want to risk the rest of us getting sick so soon. We walked off the boat alright, but people in town were already acting really nervous. They must've thought we were feral already, come to rob them or worse.

The few of us slinked down towards Boulevard Park and I could hear more people coughing through the night. I barely slept and there were visions in my sleep of people coughing up blood, of people falling apart at the seams.