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To: Calico

From: Kathe

Date:13 September 2103

RE: Project Hephaestus

Find below memorandum and data concerning Project Hephaestus, including figures, tables, and numbers. As well, personnel reports on the various people involved and their own status.

Table One as follows:

Output Response
2 27
5 68
10 190
13 103
15 93
17 89
19 90
20 91

As seen, the output-response increases until certain thresholds are achieved, the response wavers on a single point. As far as seen. output increased any further keeps to this point, and as such Project Hephaestus is currently deem unusable

In response to personnel files, three members are in critical while the other four are stable and seem to be unaffected. Interestingly, the three worst affected had the least contact but this contact was during the moments of highest output. The four others were only present during lower cycles. (detail reports appear to be missing)