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To: Allen

CC: Calico


Date:November 28, 2096

RE: truStone details - Sennin

The individuals known as sennin are confirmed as having all been the offspring of men who took truCorp's early deep stone drug marketed as "Truth & Beauty." Specifically, the drug seems to have interacted in some way with the father's gamma-seminoprotein, therefore having a dramatically increased effect on men with cancers of the prostate; this explains the relative rarity of the disorder.

The sennin have all of the same effects on nearby lifeforms as truStone augmenting healing processes, prolonging life (perhaps indefinitely), and even (as a result of the other effects) creating a natural dependency on their presence. Through some strange process, they also appear to have the ability to control these effects to varying degrees. Some sennin (e.g. Morgen Byrne, James Fuma) are (or were, in Fuma's case) able to control their powers so tightly that they could heal isolated wounds with extreme precision, or even deprive specific subjects of their ambient glow to cause immediete withdrawal symptoms: pain, organ failure, death. It is believed to be through this ability that Fuma was able to partially deactivate the L.A. beacon during the 2063 riots - the mechanism is not fully understood, but it is our contention that a sennin's glow, when properly focused, can knock truStone cells offline, perhaps by overloading them, perhaps through interference. This is likely your biggest threat concern from the sennin in the coming years - another disaster like the one Fuma caused.