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Date:November 28, 2096

RE: truStone details-Profundacillus Deulucidus

As is known to some degree by the general populous, the key to both deep stone and truStone production is (and has always been) an extraordinary rare bacterial strain native to the Beaufort Sea, known primarily by it's Latin name: Profundacillus Deulucidus.

When kept at high biomass, Deulucidus excretes (or perhaps becomes - the distinction is not clear) the strange, mineral-like substance known colloquially as "deep stone". Even in this most basic form, the stone prolongs aging processes and dramatically augments natural healing processes, though not nearly as much as the processed versions.

Deulucidus is a psychophile, and requires extremely low temperatures to survive. This is one of the few limitations on the production of deep stone, which is otherwise (in its most raw form) quite simple to produce in large quantities. The bacteria also seems to lose some of its most special properties as subsequent generations are reproduced in labs. For the most powerful stones, it is ideal that the bacteria has been very recently harvested from its natural home.