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>Log 188<

I started with my back to Mexico, facing North. It's been nearly six months since then and all I can think of is how lonely it's been. The whole time there's been this purpose of solitude, a way of only shopping as the shops close, only buying what I needed for the next dozen days. I remember what the sound of the world was, and what silence means. Something is wrong. As the hike took me through Washington, the crowd thinned out. Less people each day, less people the further north I got. I got the the northern terminus at around noon and there were no patrols out looking for me. Cautiously I entered Canada and no one stopped me. Behind and ahead, no one. There was a wooden sign at the clear-cut that said "Welcome to Canada" and below it, a small fence. Around the worn letters was crude graffiti:

"Prosperity, as with the spirit, rises in the east!

Brothers and sisters, know that we all must live again"

All I could think of was my family, in Yakima. I hope it isn't too hard to find a driver headed east.

-Arvid, Oct 5, 2109