Orphans 2
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Everything went well for the first week, none of the couples seemed spent with the lack of extravagance. Their babies started getting sick. First it was fever and coughing, all of them at the same time. Then they started getting rashes on their faces and stomachs, and the coughs got worse. They were brought to the hospital and the doctor said they might have whooping cough. But after a few days things started to clear up. The parents got sick next, something much worse. 104 fever in all of them, blisters and vomiting. We put them in quarantine and tried to figure out what was wrong but nothing seemed to work. There was nothing we could do for them. Three days later all the parent were dead and the town had eight orphans to care for. We buried their bodies up by the dorm they had live in, but it still didn't feel right. No one called for them, no one reported them missing. Our police chief made a file but couldn't do anything else. It looks like Bellingham is starting its first orphanage.