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There were eight of them who came to us. Four from Bellevue, two from Victoria, and two from Olympia. They asked to move into the dormitories at the old university, we told them they could stay because the campus was starting to fall apart. Someone to maintain it seemed like a good idea. They kept their distance at first, staying at Fairhaven and only coming in to town to ask us questions about farming and amenities. They were serious, more so than any previous people here. What made them strange though, is that they each had a newborn with them. When I asked them about it they said they had read Strauss' article, they told me they wanted a new life for their children. We talked about the overcrowded cities, how the air was getting worse, streets were narrower and everywhere there were people. They talked about the construction of the New Lincoln Center, a hundred story behemoth called the Mall Tower where everything was sold so that all available land could be used for more apartments, smaller apartments. Those from Olympia told me of the sprawling outskirts where thousands of people lived in poverty and those who could journeyed into the city center just to get more truLight. The families from Victoria never told me stories. But the others told me Victoria was far less crowded and even though Olympia and Bellevue were already considering walls around the city, Victoria was still open.


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