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Oldtown Speech

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Dear Citizens of the United States of America

To The Hoards Massing At The Gates Of Hell:

We remind you that you are better then this. You are Important and Good. Do not belittle yourself with this grasping at immortality, this struggle that will leave you impoverished economically, spiritually, and emotionally.

To The Elders Who Lead Your Families Here:

We ask that you reconsider your decision, your goals, and your priorities. We ask that you free your children and loved ones from their obligation to follow you and your ways

To The Children Who Were Brought Here Unknowing:

We inform you that this desperation you see is not the true nature of the world. We inform you that you deserve better, and that you can have it as soon as you can recognize it, that it is right in front of you.

To Our Sympathizers:

We invite you to come hear about Oldtown, a place free from this squalor at the rally at 7pm on June 21st, in the Book House- *tear* - of 21st Street