Neah Bay
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Tags Earthquake

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It seems like the same place every time. I ray away because I was scared. All that happened is I went from one conflict to another. In Afghanistan it was men who wanted to kill me. Here at home it's a war I no ,longer understand, family who died in the earthquake, the city that raised me, gone. I sent a letter to my wife saying I was doing another tour, then burned it. No letter seems nicer. You see all these stories of lovers waiting patiently, going back home, and some of the stories end with the lover moving on. I'd rather she moved on. At least on the reservation there is a community. There are still people here I remember, uncles and cousins who never left. We've even got a little meeting for the warriors who came back. My son came by the other day, looking for me. People who talked to him said his mom sent him. I hid from him. While I was away I became really afraid of death. I wasn't worried about the pain of it, but the fact that it happened so often and with so much war. I'm not as strong as I thought I was. I won't miss him the next time he comes around.