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Welcome to Mission Biotech's Trendy Pet Center Edit

Here at Mission Biotech our biggest and brightest goal is to bring you the pets and plants you deserve.

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Want a houseplant that doesn't need direct sunlight? Want a cat that never gets sick? Here at Mission we are honored to show you everything we can create. What started as pest control and plant modification has since bloomed, and with the advent of Beacons, the demand is up for better and better pets.

We've heard all the requests: can you help my puppy stay young forever? Con you keep old Rascal from passing away? Can you make our Lab eat less (he's getting expensive)? Well if you'll step into our Trendy Pet Center we have something for everyone.

  1. Our first Tier of services are strictly limited to simple modifications, such as added glow factor. This tier also includes simple crossbreeding, mixing the best parts of two of your favorite animals to create something entirely new.
  2. Our second Tier is where the exciting changes happen. Here we offer our most popular option: eternal pets. We can make a pet live forever by adding human DNA so they are affected by truLight to a greater degree. We also offer more complex mods like giving a dog scales, or making any common pet able to photosynthesize.
  3. At our final Tier we offer our most advanced services. At this rate, we offer an Eternal Pet upgrade to anything you choose, and we are willing to attempt any complex genetic modifications you could be interested in. Just last month we had a customer who wanted a smarter cat. Through our service we gave him a cat with a tested IQ of 100, opposable thumbs, and the ability to speak.
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The Trendy Pet Center is a subsidiary of Mission Biotech, and our work couldn't happen without the support of Mission's founders.