Lumin 7
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Lumin 6 - Lumin 8

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I think one of the most pivotal decisions that was made was when they decided the Dame or Domo wouldn't be allowed to marry or have children. It was not a decision made out of tradition, but one made of necessity. Dame Lisbeth proved that when her son's name was pulled and she wasn't able to carry out her task. She was so young when Dame Maya took over from her, and Maya was still practically a child herself.

I never wanted my Pyrrha to bear the weight of that task, for her child or anyone else's.

I did ask her if she would go, and of course she said no.

Mother, have you lost all sense of reason?

Listen to me, Pyrrha. Listen to me before it's you up there drawing the names.

We all must die eventually, mother. Their sacrifices is all that keeps us safe.

How do you know that, Pyrrha?

Dame Maya taught me, as Dame Lilith taught her, as Domo Yusef II taught her before. It's in the First Amendment.

Do you know why? Do any of us even know why?

Well, we are still here and the rest of them aren't. We haven't had visitors since before you were born.

Did you ever think maybe they're still out there... and they're too afraid to come here?

That was when she made her excuses and left. I could see it in her eyes, in the way she couldn't look at me. Doubt.