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Like leaves on the trees, we are tied to life only feebly. One day the wind will prove too strong for us and we will return to the soil, to find new purpose in fueling the lives of our children.

What depth.

It wasn't that I didn't believe in what Dame Maya preached. I only wish she wasn't so pretentious about it. Domo Aaric never minced words, something I always appreciated. When Domo Aaric led the town in solstice, he may have been dry but he was concise. Dame Maya swirled her words around in her mouth before speaking them, and they dripped with the sap of her zealous faith. Then again, I would take her above Domo Yusef is any day.

My grandfather told me that First Landing wasn't always this way. When he was a child, their Domo only preached inside his cabin, unless it was Equinox when he was allowed to hold solstice in the market. Solstice was different back then. The practitioners of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and the Old Faiths were never required to visit the Domo or attend the speeches if they hadn't taken on the New Faith, as well. That was before the First Amendment.

My grandfather told of a time visitors came to First Landing, and even new settlers occasionally joined our community. Even as I looked from my eat of honor on the low slatted platform behind Dame Maya, I could see no cabins, that weren't already there when I was born.

The lean boughs of wood that supported the canopies of the market looked alien to me, as if I was remembering a childhood I never lived. What must it have been like, to live in that golden age? All I had were my grandfather's stories, and his nostalgia, with which to imagine his world.

I wondered, too, whether my parents' world was more like his or mine. I had none of their stories, and my mother was the one thing he would never talk about. Her death haunted him until his own.

But as Dame Maya said, however brazenly. One day the wind will prove too strong for us and we will return to the soil.