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Anshor began sharing a room with Peony nearly two months after our arrival at MB. It was difficult to tell whether they chose each other, or whether loneliness brought them together, but she brought him comfort. I wish I could have asked for more.

There was never much to say about the first year away from First Landing. We survived. I thought about Pyrrha ever day, though that never really went away. Hugh gradually became one of us, though I suspect he always felt a bit distanced from the rest of us.

He was the reason we left. When his research was complete he faced a choice: whether to leave us and return home to Oregon, or to abandon his old people for his new ones. We decided to solve the problem a different way and just go with him.

At first I thought I was leaving to escape First Landing, to escape this curse. Then I realized that I would never escape and I should never want to. My parents live in soil beneath the grass there: my grandfather stretches his braches toward the sky there. One day, my daughter will flow in the water and give life to her people there.

And I will be somewhere else. But I will still return to the soil. Dame Maya was always right about that.