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Lumin 9 - Lumin 11

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It felt like the end of the world. My baby... my baby boy. His was the first face I saw when I opened my eyes and if I thought my heart couldn't break into more pieces. I was wrong. His eyes were blank, his mouth slack. There was just... nothing.

Then I looked at Pyrrha and I saw terror.

Then I looked at Dame Maya and felt hatred.

Say your goodbyes and return here in them morning.

I wanted to kill her then and there. If only that could have helped. She swept off, back to her Temple, and Pyrrha followed, tears streaming down, her face.

I rushed to Anshor. August had already reached him and was trying to get him to speak, or at least to go back to our cabin.

Son, you will say no goodbyes. Do you hear me? You will say no goodbyes. We will leave tonight.

I found Pyrrha behind the Temple, tears still streaming down her ruddy cheeks.

Have you come to say you told me so?


Page Two.

No, Pyrrha, I've come to get you. We're leaving.


Yes. We are leaving tonight, before that woman kills your baby brother.

I won't stop you... but I can't go with you, either.

What do you mean, child?

I mean I'm not going. And I'm not a child any longer. I've believed in the New Faith all my life and it has never let me down.

Hasn't it? If it has never let you down, then why haven't you met your grandparents? Why is your brother going to be killed tomorrow if we don't leave? Open your eyes, Pyrrha!

She looked down, trained her eyes on her feet, and took a long moment before responding.

Like I said, I won't stop you from you leaving. I won't stop Anshor from leaving, either. But I won't go with you. So you can lose him or you can lose me.

I was speechless. How could she say that to me, turn it into an ultimatum? Can't you see that your brother's life is at stake here? That's... it's different.

She turned away from me, the back of her dress kicking up dust as she walked off.