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"Th-that's alright, Cassandra. Just please... don't hurt me." She will still be working at the bonds, but she won't take her eyes off me so she will not notice that her struggling only tightens the knots. The sight will distract me from the growling pit of rage simmering in my stomach. Hurt her? I am saving her!

"I know you will die hating me, Elise. I know that." I will reach behind me and drag the teak stool closer so that I can sit. I will finally allow myself to look her in her eyes again. "You don't deserve this. You are far too good for this place. How could I ever let you remain here for eternity?"

"No, no Cassandra you don't know what you're saying. I'm not Elise. Please..."

"Quiet! I'm talking to my sister." I will snap at her, tempted once more to strike her. My careful restraint will begin to slip, but I will know that the time draws near and I will contain it. "I thought I had lost my chance to save you. When you left... I thought you were damned."

A tear will slip from the corner of my eye and I will recoil, embarrassed by my weakness. I never saw Elise cry. She was strong. "I won't let this chance slip by. I will be your salvation, Elise. I will rescue you from the curse of immortality."


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Olivia will give up trying to negotiate, You are insane. You are actually insane and I am going to die here." Through the sorrow and fear, she will mildly surprised that she is still able to cry. She would be more surprised by the actual amount of moisture still in her body, moisture the kiln will rid her of.

"I know you believe that now, but you will thank me when this is over and you are saved." I will push the stool back as I rise, then I will grasp the edge of the heavy kiln door with both hands. "You will thank me."

I will heave the door shut and she will let out one final wail. I will have adjusted the settings already, so all I will need to do is press the large maroon button at the bottom of the control panel. Then I will make my way to the door. It takes over two hours to cremate a human body at optimal temperatures, and the kiln fires in multiple stages. I will not want to listen to her die.