Julie 4
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Julie 2 - Julie 5

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Ever since the day Erica revealed the drug to us, I've been a hostage to her trust. She is dead now and there was no reason to keep carrying her actions on my conscience. So I tried to tell everyone the truth. I never considered how Bruce and the others had dealt with Erica's revelation and now I'm an outcast.

At first I thought I was the only person bullied into stationing the perimeter but on my patrol I ran into Bill who said he had seen both Victoria and Jack. It's clear that everyone who would have fought Bruce was coerced into stationing the perimeter. Most of me wants to believe that Bruce was lying about outsiders on our borders. I have no proof, but it can't be a coincidence that it he raised the issue while cementing his control. At the same time I con't ignore this nagging feeling that maybe an outsider finally has come to our border. Over a decade has passed since the Great Quake. It couldn't have so totally destroyed humanity. We're still here after all.