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>Query: tags: #JamieLives #SenninSightings

>Dates returned: July 1 2044 to November 31 2044

SenninPulse @DailyPulse 2 February 2057

Who was James Fuma? Did you know him? Sennin Pulse is looking for answers. #JamieLives

SenninPulse @DailyPulse 27 April 2057

Are you ready for the truth? Who the Sennin really are, and where Jamie has been all this time? #JamieLives

The Real Kansas @RiversideVivion558 16 May 2057

I saw him shopping today, I didn't think they still ate. #SenninSightings #JamieLives

Len Shiren @LenShiren 21 July 2057

Out late last night in Queens when this he sprinted past me, nearly had a heart attack. #SenninSightings #JamieLives

SenninPulse @DailyPulse 18 October 2057

Tune in tonight to see the secret world of the new gods. #JamieLives #SenninSightings

Nevada State College @NevStateU 25 December 2039

Shooter on Campus forced to surrender by glowing man, witnesses say. #JamieLives #SenninSightings

Burn The Beacons @ProDeath 31 October 2057

Where is our little Jamie when we need him? #SaveTheCities #JamieLives