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>Query: tags: #JamieLives #SenninSightings

>Dates returned: May 1 2041 to October 31 2041

Eylatiso @Eylatiso 17 May 2045

There was a blue light coming from a shack on the shore of Ozette Lake. #JamieLives #SenninSightings

Love the Night @VampDrvr1580 24 May 2045

One of those glowing freaks put a guy to sleep at this bar last night. #SenninSightings #JamieLives

Boxer Boy @toughnbloody 8 June 2045

I saw a cop get hit in a shootout, then revived by someone with blue hands. #SenninSightings #JamieLives

Saint Ciara @Cernunos 10 July 2045

Out hunting and a Sennin scared away my target, how arrogant are these guys? #SenninSightings #JamieLives

Xian Alchemy @XianAlch 21 August 2045

Want to be the talk of the town? Let Xian Alchemy help you get noticed. #SenninSightings #JamieLives