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>Query: tags: #JamieLives #SenninSightings

>Dates returned: November 1 2039 to June 30 2040

Missing Persons Network @TMPN 6 November 2039

James Fuma missing, last seen approx. 6:21 PM headed east out from gas station in San Bernardino #JaimeLives

Adam Gray @greyskies 28 November 2039

At a rest stop near the Nevada border. #JaimeLives

Fuma Fanclub @JamesFumaForever 1 December 2039

Have you seen him? #JaimeLives

Nevada State College @NevStateU 25 December 2039

Shooter on campus forced to surrender by glowing man, witnesses say. #JaimeLives #SenninSightings

Rock Springs Reporter @RockSprings 1 December 2039

Everyone at Sweetwater Memorial just got a free treatment from a man who glowed. #SenninSightings #JaimeLives

Jimmy The Untouchable @Indestructible 27 February 2040

Car was on fire, couldn't see anything but smoke. Blue light then I'm safe on the grass in the median. #JaimeLives #SenninSightings

Salt Lake Tribune @SLakeTribune 3 June 2040

Forest Fire outside Salt Lake at Box Elder, Mill Canyon Peaks. Firefighters report blue glow from fire line, witnesses say stranger saved their lives. #JaimeLives