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I went across the mountains today. Using more and more of the little fuel there is left. Pretty soon I'll be locked to this side of the mountains, but I think I might like to wander into Canada before that happens. Needed the car anyways, had to bring all the equipment along with me. Made it to Yakima before stopping and hiking the rest of the day. It's really eerie to see these huge military installations where I used to work completely empty. I could almost feel it on the air halfway there so I put the suit on and hiked the rest of the way in. Made a good decision though, instruments started picking up radiation as I neared the decommisioned B reactor. By the time I reached the Hanford Site, the instruments were going crazy. I wrote down the readings for analysis but it is obvious. With numbers this high just north of the CGS then the whole area is shot. Yakima is clean now but the Tri-Cities won't be rebuilt for a long time. I wish I had the tools to read the soil but I didn't have time. The alarm on the suit starte sounding so I made my way back to the car . I just hope that next time I am out the levels are lower, I want there to be hope for the valley.