Elspeth 15
Series Name Elspeth
Tags Beacons, Elspeth, The Fall
Elspeth 14 - Elspeth 16

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Insides been feelin not so good. Me and boss both have the runs, and I'm getting nosebleeds when I get up from taking a rest.

It's slow going in the brush and trees. The streets get hard to follow and are often obscured by blackberries. At least we can eat them. Most are still green though, and sour?

Boss has been keeping real quiet, and I know she's in a lot of pain. Last night, around our little fire I conjured, laying in the dirt, she says "Before the beacons, before the mega cities, I had lived a full life. I had been in my career for over 30 years, seen my parents die, seen my own wife die of cancer, and was about to go on the transplant list and dialysis. I thought, this has been a good life, things have been wrapping up. I'll probaly end up dying in a few years maybe." She pauses to play with Grin's ears a little bit. "When I learned that I wasn't going to die, I almost felt cheated. I had stopped working, the days blended together into depression, I even tried to end it for myself." She shows me faint scars up and down her wrists. "Then I thought. Fuck it, I've made it this far, why not just see it to the end? And here we are."

We stare up at the stars, so many more than we were used to in the city. She says "I need you to be strong for me, to go on when I'm gone and see as much as you can, do as much as you can. Really try to make it."

Well, I aint promising nothing, but I sure as hell will try.