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Found this blog the other night - how insanely embarrassing - and thought, what could be better than to write a little update to myself from years down the road?

It's wild, I practically blacked out my brief time at art school. I think the trauma of the great quake destroyed most everything for me. I'd forgotten how much I cared about being a Big Important Artist, and how hard I worked. I know I'd be glad to see where I am now, one of the highest selling artists in Bellevue. Not that much of the work I'd done then had any relevance to my position now. But I think the work ethic I developed did matter. It's what drove me to do that series with the Exiled Artists. And I suppose if I'd never gone to Seattle well then that would have halted me as well.

I actually regularly get drinks with one of those classmates I'd complained about. She's become a lovely woman and an excellent artist in her own right, though not with as much recognition as myself. I drink with her for her company only these days, since I'm old and rich enough to drink (etc) whenever (and with whomever) I please. Just so embaressing to read my own words and see what a catty, anti-social brat I was. I'm sure she was just as lovely then as now.