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Atlanta Pulse

November 20, 2058


Gregory Cannet

I want to ask something of my fellow Americans, and any readers who might be looking at this from another country. Do we trust them? The Sennin, I mean. Not to say that they are all godless or immoral, but there is a singular truth we've been avoiding.

Why give them so much power? Why worship them, thrust celebrity upon them, show deference to them as we pass. I've seen my friends and neighbors cast their eyes down as a Sennin passes, why? At best they are a continuation, an extension of our own humanity, given to all the same brilliance and flaws as us.


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But all groups exist on a continuum. They have their brightest pupils - healers, prophets, heroes with names we all recognize - Jamie Fuma, Daichi Mori, Abram Usov. But we shun their worse, relegate them to a communal forgetting. They might be human but they aren't people like us. They contain a greater threat than any humanity has dreamed of. Worse than atomic fire, worse than the Tzacol satellites. We, as Americans, as Europeans, as Japanese, as whatever else, we let them off the hook.

Just last week Bastienne Roen was convicted of killing two people in a bar in Atlanta. She was given two years in priso, rushed through her trial, and there were no news stories about any of it. Most people, even in Atlanta, don't know her name. She deserves to be treated with honesty: dignity for those who she hurt. Imagine the message it would send to sentence and immortal to a life time in jail. We could stop living in fear. I could sleep again, knowing my neighbors, killed in that bar, received the justice they deserved. Join me in petitioning President Burkett to act on this. Let the White House keep its promise.