Earthly Prince
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The Earthly Prince

An Earthly Prince

Before her was crowned, The Prince was a man just like many others. He lived then in a city called Radiance, which lived, loved, and died by a shining obelisk, built by the people. Some even worshipped it, like a God. But even with the idol misleading them, the city grew. The man spent many years there and in his etenity he saw suffering that had no end. The man, weak then, did nothing and the suffering gestated. His inaction only fueled the cursed city, and as millions looked on in apathy, the city grew pregnant with misery. The man went to the outskirts and saw a people overcome with sickness, not of the body but of the mind and of the soul. He watched people's spirits die, their bodies continuing on in a profane manner. Still he did nothing.



A World Born Anew

Then Radiance, newly consumed by life and torment, brought it's pain to bear upon the world. The city lives. And in one terrible moment it expelled the peopl from it, and so the city purified itself from the source of wickedness. The people toiled in Exile. many perished while others simply drifted from the self until they were no longer bound by their bodies. The people had become mere reflections, and in each of them was one such obelisk born by the city, with it's light faded and it's magnificence put out. The man was with them, but drew strength from the suffering he had seen in the city, and he drew from himself a sense of purpose. As others toiled on in Exile, he marched valiantly towards salvation.

A Purpose in Struggle

He found others there, in hopelessness and gave them purpose. He found those with pain in their hearts and in their bodies, and he nurtured them. His solitary march became a surge of people, and they had faith in the Exile, and knew they were moving towards something greater. In the last year of Exile they came upon the Golden City, and were brought in and given to each was a crown, and they were made anew as Sovereigns.

Brothers and sisters, help The Faithful build a better world.

Approach the throne, accept your crown.