Cultist 8
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The person Jon Saint-Pierre wanted me to meet was called Payton Andrewson, and before I met him Jon Saint-Pierre told me not to look into his eyes and not to say anything about what he called our "extracurriculars".

He was a lot nicer than Jon Saint-Pierre made him sound. I guess he's in charge of The Movement. He's from Houston and his accent is strange. He said he doesn't get to visit Bellevue often, but he wishes he could.

There was someone else there too. A woman called Doctor Bishop, who Jon Saint-Pierre said was a scientist. I saw her at a couple of the meetings, but she was always standing in the back of the room or talking to Yates and Rothchild in hushed voices, so I never met her before. She wasn't very nice to me, but I don't think it was because she didn't like me.


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Later on, Jon Saint-Pierre told me to wait while he went to talk to Mr. Andrewson and the doctor. It was uncomfortable because I could hear them muffled through the walls, and sometimes Mr. Andrewson got mad at Jon Saint-Pierre and I could hear that, too.

When Jon Saint-Pierre came out he was angry and he would hardly even talk to me. We left right after. He was really rough that night, and I didn't like it.