Cultist 6
Series Name Cultist
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Cultist 5 - Cultist 7

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Yates told me to grow up, which was more than a little rude if you ask me. I'm just trying to look out for The Movement. I don't want anything to go wrong, and I know that Jon Saint-Pierre doesn't either.

The Abbess was my only consolation when I got home. Well, maybe not the only one. Rue's nuvene didn't hurt. Anyway, I read one of her speeches again and it just made me more sure that she is all but Divine herself. "The Devil will try to tempt us. The Devil will try to lure and snare us with promises that God won't make, and for good reason. What we used to believe to be sins are nothing compared to what we face now, what we face instead of our mortality. Only God should know infinity because only God is wise enough to know it.

"Let those who would stand in the Lord's place know the Lord's power. Let those who would claim His wisdom feel his righteousness. We are not meant to know that which He knows."