Cultist 16
Series Name Cultist
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Cultist 15 - Cultist 17

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The doctors say I can go home tomorrow. They also say I shouldn't use nuvene again, but what really could happen? It's not like I'll die, and even if I did then I would just be with God, which is a better fate then any of those doctors will have.

The hospital is so boring, especially since there's hardly ever anyone here, but at least I have the Abbess to keep me company. She'd done three new sermons since I've been here, and they've all been wonderful.

And I have the cat, which still just stays on the floor. I don't know if my parents are feeding it. Everyone just ignores it, anyway.

The hospital and my stupid parents still won't let Jon Saint-Pierre or anyone come visit me except Ruelynne, but I still don't want to see her.