Cultist 13
Series Name Cultist
Tags Abbess, Cultist
Cultist 12 - Cultist 14

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I wonder what my parents are doing right now. They probably called the police, but I don't think they will find me here. Jon Saint-Pierre says that he is underground and they don't know where he lives. He is too important to The Movement for the Police to know where he lives. I don't know how he does it, though he says he can't tell.

I'm so excited to go to the next meeting. I've missed everyone so much. Jon Saint-Pierre says they missed me, too.

He had a very special kind of nuvene for me this time. He said it was extra potent, and that maybe I could talk to God, if I was lucky. I didn't talk to God, but I did see the stars behind my eyes. Abbess Madalena was there, in the stars. Maybe it was Heaven.