Cultist 11
Series Name Cultist
Tags Abbess, Cultist
Cultist 10 - Cultist 12

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I hate Ruelynne. I really do. I didn't think I'd ever say it, but what she did. I can never forgive her for it.

My parents won't ever let me see Jon Saint-Pierre or Yates or Doctor Bishop ever again, and all because Jon Saint-Pierre likes me more than her. She says she worried about me, but I know that she's only jealous. Now I will never get to lead a meeting and I will never get to share the Abbess's words with everyone.

I just have to remember what she said. "The Devil works close to the heart. His influence is greatest where you think it could never exist at all. Do not let him blind you, do not let him strike you down. God's love will drive him from the shadows and illuminate his deceit."