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I'm not the child I used to be. I know how serious this is. This isn't Death Tourism, pain games, or any of that crap Ruelynne and I used to play around with; these are our lives and our eternal souls. Jon Saint-Pierre knows that, and he will guide us into the light.

In the words of the True Prophet, "we must be vigilant. Satan's power lies in his ability to offer us what we want at a cost we don't realize is too high until it's too late. The price we pay for immortality? Without death, how can we commune with God. How can be bask in his eternal glow when we burn our worship to the glow of a false idol? The price for immortality is far too high." Her wisdom and eloquence must truly be Grace. Job Saint-Pierre says she has a blemish where the Lord touched her. I say if it's from the Lord, it couldn't possibly be a blemish.