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There was a little gratitude after the earthquake. We got an oppurtunity to help out, got a few people to move into the city. Then the Astoria Bridge collapsed and our borders exploded. We expanded north and east. We became a real metropolis, almost a rial to Portland, They got their Beacon but we never asked for one. It became a strange world these immortals across the bridge with their city becoming taller and darer every day. We kept to ourselves, always proud to stay small. I saw the city shrink again, as people moved across the Columbia. Then Portland blocked up the bridge, made it a border of sorts. We lost our jobs to Mission Biotech, lost some of our city to the military. Even the colleges started to evaporate. Less and less people wanting to attend university in a city without a beacon. Not much happening here. I got old and watched my friends escape to live their golden years forever. Our city became sleepy again. It feels like I'll go to sleep with it. My home will move on, then my body. God help us if the bridge ever washes away, then we'll all have to move west again.


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