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Our weekly column on science, Sennin, and magic

July 21, 2035

Early this year, several mining companies came down on Lake Washington. After the earthquake, there was a lot of exposed land and the promise of undiscovered mineral deposits. What they ended up finding has shown the potential to change the world. A new material - ceterite - was discovered and began exciting everyone. At first it was shown to resist heat and conduct electricity exceedingly better than current materials. What's interested us even more , however, is the US government's reaction to this discovery. At first they tried classifying the material, but international communities rebelled against the idea of something so valuable being kept secret. The government, acting through Reach, instead bought up the mineral rights from every mining company with a stake on the land. We can only guess what their next move is, but other countries have put their top scientists to work to figure out why the US would be so interested. We looked to the mining companies for comment but only received a stern note back saying they are not allowed to disclose government secrets.