Bastion Council 2
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Bastion Council 1

Transcript Edit

Bastion Popular Council Meeting

  • Approval
    • Minutes Secretary
      • Alex Devlin
  • Attendees
    • Arbiters
      • Ruce Winack
      • Julie Yuan
      • Katness Ocampo
      • Ned Miyamoto
      • Karen Gilliam
    • Minutes Secretary
      • Alex Devlin
    • Bastion Citizenry
      • All
  • Absentees
    • Chief Arbiter
      • Erica Baumgardener (Reason: Deceased)

Page Two.

  • Purpose
    • Emergency meeting to elect a new Chief Arbiter
  • Record
    • Meeting called to order by council arbiters on June 6th 2046 at 4:15 PM
    • Ned Miyamoto: "Erica's death is a tragic loss for all of us. She brought us all to this place so we could build a better life together and at every step of the way she has been a leader, teacher, and friend to each of us. We are here to elect a new Chief Arbiter to honor and reaffirm Erica's vision and all that we have accomplished under her leadership."
    • The floor opens up for statements before the election for Chief Arbiter.
    • No statements are made.
    • Election of Chief Arbiter.
      • Results: Bruce Winack wins with 125 votes
    • Bruce Winack: "I want to thank all of you for the faith you have placed in me by electing me to this office. I promise to work tirelessly as Erica did, for the betterment of our community."
    • Bruce Winack motions to postpone the election for a new arbiter until the next regularly scheduled meeting.
    • Motion approved unanimously.
    • The arbiters then open the floor to any statements before closing the meeting.
    • Julie Yuan: "There is something that I want to bring up an now that Erica has passed away this seems like the right time. Years ago Erica revealed to-"
    • Katness Ocampo: "Julie"
    • Unintelligible arguing
    • Bruce Winack makes a motions for private meeting of the arbiters.
    • Motion seconded by Katness Ocampo and-