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A group of self proclaimed libertarian survivalists calling themselves Bastion has called on the United States government to recognize their sovereignty. These survivalists are located in our very own Washington and are led by the eccentric and outspoken Erica Baumgardener.

I managed to get in contact with Katniss Ocampo, one of Miss Baumgardener's aids who helped me to learn more about Bastion. According to Katniss, Erica Baumgardener owns approximately fifty acres in Olympic mountain range and in the center of it these libertarian survivalists have built a self sustaining facility. They intend "not just to survive, but build a freer place," and Miss Baumgardener and her like-minded friends are convinced that the first step towards their freer world is complete separation from the United States.

These survivalists have already began to pursue aggressive measures in order to ensure their safety. Katniss informed me that the compound is surrounded by signs warding off trespassers and the actually grounds are defined by electrified razorwire fences. Furthermore all members must go through rigorous combat training and wilderness survival training.

When pressed about their farfetched bid for sovereignty Katniss said,

"We are not like those nut jobs in the middle of the country who are organizing militias to fight the US government. We are simply a group of people who are fully capable and fully intend to take to make a better life for ourselves and we do not want the government interfering with that."

The people of Bastion show serious determination, but success is unlikely seeing as how the US government has a history of denying even limited sovereignty to native groups with far older and frankly, far more legitimate claims.