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? April 2071

I'm sick again. Thought it might happen, like when I weaned off Bellevue's glow, but this is bad. Much worse than last time. Horrible, painful sores all over. So swollen I can hardly move to write this. I'm worried this might be the end. The Elders have me closed up in my hut away from the others. They've got a few doctors in town, but not enough to go around, and they know the doctors can't help me with this. The children that have asked, they tell them I'm cursed, and not to go near me.

It seems ridiculous. These kids know better. They've been here a couple of years at most. But oldtown works fast trying to forget. Even just between themselves, the adults still don't mention anything from back home in the cities.

Don't know whether I'll make it thru this. I think I'm okay with it, either way. It fucking hurts though. I wish it didn't fucking hurt.