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1 April 2071

It took us a few days to get out here, going on foot like we did. They had a couple of pack-mules for our stuff. At first I thought they'd be hesitant to take me, since I don;t exactly have many survival skills, but they seemed real welcoming. Some of them knew my name from MHZ, complimented me, said I'd inspired them. Probably I should be flattered but really I'm just embarrassed.

This place is wild. Real nice craftsmanship on most of the central buildings. Beautiful, well-built wooden structures. In the middle, a church-house that looks like a renovated barn. Quaint.

In a good way. That's where the Father gives his sermons each Sunday, they told me. Sermons are mandatory here. Kind of weird to me, coming from Bellevue, but then it's a new culture and I don't want to disrespect. Nice to have a solid reason to wander through that beautiful town center anyways. Out in the borders, where I'll be living, it's mostly huts and lean-tos made from corrugated plastic and metal, with floors of blankets-and-rugs-on-dirt. There were a few of these huts made up for us when we got here, and I realized I was lucky to have anything waiting for me at all. These people don't owe me a thing. They're just really nice people.