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It's only been about a week but Amira has finally reached maturity. Nearly overnight her mental capacities caught up with her physical attributes. She's ready. We called the family and let them know that they could come pick her up. They are driving all the way down from Bellevue tomorrow. This must be what giving up a child for adoption feels like, letting go of them forever. I could track Amira down to the city, down to the exact address and apartment number. But I'd be fired, shamed out of any work again, probably arrested. I think, when I wake up a few days from now, and her room is empty, I'll call my kids. Nate's gone off to Europe to travel, see the Beacons and the countryside. Tessa... She's off in Montana studying photo-journalism, trying to figure out if she's moving to a real city when she gets back. Yeah, I'll have to see how they are doing now.