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I'm already so attached. Amira is going in for the first round of surgery and I'm pacing and tapping my foot. Just this morning I was spoon-feeding her, cleaning up her room, keeping her happy. I miss it, the whole lot of family life. The other employees here get to alter the environments to that the subjects feel most comfortable. Amira's room is a nice minty-green, with clouds on one wall and the skyline of Bellevue on the other. I wonder if she likes it, or if we can really place that much value on her impressions of the world we've built for her. Does she know that she is different? When she wakes up, I wonder is she will be angry or just confused. I remember these debates from my college years: how much do we owe our pets, and how intelligent are they? Lucy, my first dog, was border collie so I like to think she had a rich internal world.