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She's waking up from the gestation phase as planned. A little woozy, but like any newborn, just not used to the environment yet. Nothing we've done so far will be strange to her, it will all be as if she were meant to be this way. Watching her stretch, roll her joints, try out the new body, it makes me feel like a parent again. It's been so long since I watched Tessa or Nate try out their environments like this. There seems to be a way among parents of forgetting just how small and vulnerable your children were. Just how terrified we all were of something going wrong or even just not quite as planned. But here, Amira seems to be doing everything perfectly. I wonder how fast she'll grow. The last few subjects have been pretty erratic. We had to give a refund to the purchasers of Tiggin because he took so long to reach maturity. But before him, Romulus grew up nearly twice as fast. Amira, what will you be like?