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YL 188

This must hav been the greatest city of them all. Incredible, godlike structures and a crumbling outer wall. As dead as the rest tho, at a level of decay that matches the fist city we passed thru on our journy. But we cannot stop for long now like we did then. We hav a hol host of mouths to feed this time.

Most of the hunters joined us, & a near-equal number of tenders, though only a few of the learned. To the hunters & to Loren in particular, who seemingly led the uprising, we must be ever grateful, for we owe them our lives. But what could the Elders do to stop the best trained & best armed in all our folk from up & leaving, & from taking us with them? Without the hunt, Oldtown may suffer. My hope is that with their reduced numbers, tending alone can sustain them. Its said that in the beginning there was no hunt but only tending. Tho, whether any such thing is to be trusted I do not know.


Second page.

The others look on Joss & I as gods, & follow our every whim. They are much accustomed, still, to having a father to follow, it seems. Id forgotten what it was like to be in that place. We must protect them until they can find their confidence.

The hunters feared pass thru the great city. Walk not in the shadow of the leviathan, they say, & I think this may be a better option regardless. This road is near as grand as the one we followed north to here, & its poised to send us thru the great white mountains

. It is my belief that if we may find a way past this white, perhaps a hol great world may open itself to us. One day, if we keep to the roads, we may find a city yet alive, & may speak to the folk ther & learn the truth of the world.