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YL 187

The leviathans wer structures erected by mere folk. Is it to be believed? It seems impossible. But the man, whos name is Basil, tells an elaborate tale & brings for us colorful drawings of what was. Incredible detail. The drawings are from machines, he says, complex tools. Innumerable people, & yet, of course ther wer. How many people might the leviathans hav housed? An unimaginable number, to be sur.

Basil tells ushe comes from a place spawned by thes folk, but that one-hundred & fifty years ago they stopped communicating, that something must hav happened, & he was sent, they wer sent, to find the state of the world. There wer many thousands of thes places, he calls them cities, scattered across the world. They built the structurs using tools made with tols made with tools. An enormous, complex folf whos history went back thousands of years. He tells of moving picturs & tools, machines, that think & speak, & og great pillars which cast a light that cures death. Madness. It seems completely impossible, & if true, it makes the father a liar. Somthing I feel somhow prepared to accept. Joss is quiet as ever, but I think she accepts it inside as well.

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The letter's second portion.

Basil is dying, its plain. We could wait for him to go, but it will be any day now surely. Joss and I hav talked while he sleeps & will go in the morning, taking his drawings & any other such evidence. I can finally return, my quest complete. Theyll kill me, to be sur, but I'll plant the seeds of knowledge. Joss must know what will happen to us but it seems not to matter to her. She must miss our old home so much.