Ada 6
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YL 187

Som nites ago, in the midst of a great snowstorm, Joss & I wer awakened by a roar, a smash & a great blaze of light. All this in our silent winter world, where the loudest sounds are the creaks of branches & the hoots of owls. Standing, sleep struck, outside our home, we watched a billowing smoke. With the snowfall, we needn't hav feared a fire, but such a wild act of nature, I needed to witness. Joss must be bored thes days. No protest from her.

A tremendous, unnatural structure, not unlike that weve seen, with many dead and dying in the fire. Only one that we could save.A send from the sky. From heaven, Joss thought. I am beyond such thoughts, but it was something which demanded explanation nevertheless. We carried the survivor murmuring and screaming back to our home, & nursed him, patched his wounds, splinted his breaks, & fed him meat and honey and tea.

He spoke in a strange cadence, with strange words & a smooth manner of speech. He wanted to know where he was. He asked if he would understand many answers & this moment I gleaned that he was som one who knew much, from whom we could learn much. Its quite terrifying.