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YL 184

Its been mor than a year sins last writing. Our mission is put to sleep now, but sometimes I think on what weve seen.

I was myself the most highly regarded of the apprentices at one time, tho as many know one best loved by the Father is often least loved by peers. I was enraptured with the love of learning the Fathers works, reading, writing, discussing. Often I tried to stoke academic conversation among apprentices that proved to be sick of such things. Curiosity is not much loved her, I learned again & again.

When I began to becom curious about the world outside of the oldtown, driven on by late talks with my Josselin, opinions about me dropped quickly & the Fathers gaze seemed to darken by the day. Once, in a private lesson, I asked the Father directly about the Leviathans, & was smote, nay struck on the face, Ill say it plainly. None among the learned spoke to me for a week & not much after that, to be true. Joss, it seems, has always been my only friend. It was then that we began to make our plans. In the clarity of hindsight, Joss was not the most desperate to leave, I dont think.


Second portion of letter.

But now weve returned to our rest, & been at peace for som time. I know Joss misses our home som times, tho she doesnt say as much. I see it in flashes of quickly subsiding bitterness & anger, directed at nothing really. Somtimes me, but just as often herself. Regardless were happy here, in our makeshift home, I think. Ive taken to carving. & hunting, a bit. Joss has been teaching me to be mor useful, especially, father forbid, in the case she falls ill.