Ada 4
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YL 183

This place is as strange as it is terrible, I am sure now. Its rife wish devilish life and tremendous natural skeletons. It makes one wonder what separates this life from the leviathans. Perhaps thos wer not life at all, but the remains of som great unnatural structurs or growths. Could the creator of deer and pines and vines be the same as the creator of the rigid, squared leviathans?

Joss hated this place on sight, but I dragged her in deep, what a fool I was. Shed been gone som days when I was set upon by a great beast, mauled, & left for dead. I woke to her voice, so blessed I am to hav her, to hav had her return. She took from the Lealing Loney of these trees, & with it mended my wounds. As I slept & healed and & looked about me & waited, slowly the true darkness of this place set into me, & I grew bitter. These strange crystals which glow and nite I first found beautiful, but now they keep me awake shivering.

Joss is calm finally, & with me, & willing, scared I think by the sudden visage of my mortality, but I am tired & want nothing mor than familiar calm.

To our West is the sea, our south a great river, out east more unnauralness. We head North now, towards mounstanous wilds & peace. We need rest.