Ada 2
Series Name Ada
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YL 183.

Im sure the leviathans are unnatural now, surer than ever. The angles are too square, the space too logical. Such great feats tho, these structurs are. What folk must hav been here once.

Joss is sure ther unnatural too, but she thinks them the work of a devil. Even on long nites of arguing, when she does conceed they may be made by folk like us, she adds that thos folk must be hone for a reason. Then she gets quiet, & the next day her hunt goes long. Im not sure the Father would be on my side, so Im glad Joss is here to keep me strait, but I feel what I feel and I want to keep looking for somthing sure. & besides, without her, out here all alone, Id surely lose my both my mind & my body. Never hav I been without my blood, & having only one other to love has been such despair & tribulation. Joss is stronger than I & she keeps me from falling.

Its near been 3 moons of us tracing thru this great ruin & I rite now from afar, from a camp we set out to make to give Joss & myself a rest from the terrible wait of thos skeletal shadows. Ive drawn this place out, to be sure weve missed nothing, and its time for us to continue our search elswhere. Weve been resting, talking, and gathering supplys, but were decided now. Tomorrow we head out, thru the leviathan, away from the oldtoun, to see what, we do not know.